Behavior Changing 401k Education Program

401k Education Program That Changes Behavior 

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How does 401kbuddy™ Change Employee Behavior?





During A Recent 401kbuddy™ Case Study…

% Of Employees Increased Contribution*

Average Contribution Increase

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*71% of employees who went through 401kbuddy™ increased contributions. If employees who were already contributing 10% are excluded, 86% increased contributions.

– Features –

Plain English

Bar charts and complicated financial language remind employees of statistics and economics class. Participants are only motivated by language they can understand!

Personalized Content

Our team has experience building education sites and has attracted over 5 million unique users and more than 23 million page views. We’ve learned that users engage with content they know is specifically relevant to them and their needs.

Enhanced Active Choise

Enhanced Active Choice is a method to motivate behavior change. It focuses on empowering the employee to choose, but framing the choices in a way that highlights the benefits of one choice, and the consequences of another. Integrating this method into our education program has been highly effective in changing particpant behavior.

Easy Call To Action

Other programs throw content at employees hoping it will lead to behavior change. Our program is different, in that right after the call to action (enrolling, increasing deferral rates, changing investments), employees are shown step by step how to make those changes. We also integrate BJ Fogg’s Behavior Model which focuses on 3 aspects of behavior change (motivation, ability, trigger).

– Available Languages –

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    Spanish (by October 31)

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“In a recent choice model we developed at Boston Research Technologies, ‘behaviorally effective education’ emerged as the number one record keeper selection factor among large and jumbo plan sponsors.”

Warren Cormier President and CEO of Boston Research Technologies

– 401kbuddy™ Sections –

Section 1

401k Education

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Why You Should Enroll 3 min

Benefits of Your 401k 5 min

Investing 101 5 min

Section 2 (Optional)

Investing Essentials

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Stocks|Bonds|Funds 3 min

Be Diversified 3 min

Power Of The Market 5 min

Asset Allocation 4 min

The Proven Strategy 5 min

Stick To The Plan 4 min

Section 3

Choose Investments/Enroll

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1. Choose Portfolio Type 1 min

2. Select Investments 1 min

3. Verify Investments 1 min

4. Enroll In Your Plan 7 min